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           We are the violet Flame in action in us now.

           We are the violet Flame to light alone we bow.

           We are the violet flame in mighty cosmic power.

           We are the Light of God shining every hour.

           We are the violet Flame Blazing like a sun

           We are God's Sacred Power Freeing Everyone.

 Have you every thought, since everything works on a vibration, what would happen if we ask God not to send us back into this planet to serve humankind?  The answer is simple. You would walk! Ever motor on this planet is rated on Horse Power, H/P, look on one you will see that sign. How manny Horses are pulling your car? 

The plain and simple truth is that the Spirit can live without a body but a body can not live without a Spirit.

Easter Island which is located in the Pacific Ocean, was the woshiping place for the people of the continent of MU. When MU was sinking, Cows pulled the people of Mu to their new home land, India. Cows were made Sacred and to this day run Free and are not eaten even though at times people were starving.

 How nice and simple it would have been if we were given the same consideration. Instead because of the Monthly Fee paid to the Government on each Cow running on Government Grass Land and nothing paid for Horses, their are 4 Million Cows out there and since the last roundup of 19,000 Horses clearing the land for more Cows their are only 25,000 Thousand Wild Horses left where there use to be 2 Million Horses on the Grass lands. The Goverment says that there is a over-population problem of Horses and because of funding want to get rid of us. We think a better solution would be to make us Indigenous as we helped America to become the world leader. and we were here before the Settlers came. but since we eat the grass shorter than Cows and no fee paid for us, that we are rounded up and put into pen's to stand there until we died, or be Adopted.

      This plan of the Goverments is clearly not working and totaltly not working. A better plan would be since we are at war thoses of us over seven should be trained to serve in Third World Countries where we could build up their country like we did in America. This would create Good Will and help our Service men to make Peaceful inroads with the People of theses Countries.

Please if you don"t have time  to read Hope Ryden's book, America's Last Wild Horses look at the Pictures. Conditions are even worse now.  Plus you would be helping American Farmers to make a fair price for their labor and get the Goverment out of the Cow business, and off our lands too.

Please help any way you can.  Maybe if you would be kind enought to pay a fee to the Goverment for us, just a few bucks (turn about is fair play)Smile we could get our dreams to come true TOO RUN FREE and help other aminals to get the same respect.

 Please Send your Tax Free Dollars to Looked Over Farms Memorial For Horses  130 Hunter Ranch Trails,  Tom Hunter Road Pilot Mountian North Carolina 27041


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 In the words of one of the greatest religious leaders ever, You can never be what you want to be until we are what we want to be and we can never be what we want to be until you are what you want to be.

 In the Olden Days  it was know that Horses carried Souls to the Promised Land!

Modern Day Example:  Jesus after preaching and teaching walked everywhere he went. but rode into the Holy City, on a Colt that had never been ridden, to be Crucified to show that Western Civilization was based on Horse Power

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