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LaughingThomas J Freeman In Ocala,Fl With Springlove 

  It is very rare to be honored to have a horse such as Spring Love. She was born on the farm in N.C. on March 20,1992 at dawn, which was the first day of spring that year.  My dearly beloved wife who has passed on, Oct 20th 1999, Boyce Drew Freeman named her Spring Love.  I was fortunate enough to be there at her birth  "What A THRILL".  She is a Thoroughbred from Bull LEA line. Her mother's name was Soundwave. When she was seven I started riding her. At nine years old I started riding her over fences.  At eleven and twelve I took her to a couple local horse shows. Then on Febuary 2nd 2007, I took her to Ocala,Fl horse show for five weeks.  There were as many as Seventysix horses in each of her classes. And out of twentyone classes she was in the ribbons nineteen times over the five weeks. This photo shows Spring Love raising herself in  midair on signal. To view more Photos of Spring Love Click on Photo Album on the Homepage at freehorse.net    

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