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    The Horses Plight is so sad that we need to write or call to our Representives in Congress and ask them to look into this problem in America today.

    The House subcommittee is meeting on the Horse Racing Industry in America. There are 38 racing jurisdictions in the United States, and they all have their own rules. On June 20 th 2008, 11 people connected with Racing in America tried to make a case to the House subcommittee that steroids and breeding were the factors that made Barbaro, Ruffen, and Eight Bells and nunerous other young horses blow out their legs in racing. Think about if the horses weren't sore you wouldn't need drugs to mask pain and if you wait till horses mature they won't break down from stress, also all the tract racing records are set by the young babies so we can look forward to faster better racing with  good Faith.

      As Abe Lincoln said:  You can fool some of the People all the time and All the people some of the times, but you can't fool All the people All the time  

     Please let them know that the best soultions are 1). Don't show Horses Publicly until they are 7 as they don't develop until they are seven. 2). Make them Indigenous as they were here when the Settlers came, this will solve most of the problems.

    Horses are being Raced at the age of 2 years old when in fact they need to kept until the are 7 years of age before being run Publicy, which is like our 21 years of age.  It is three years on a horse to one year of a human life.  So a horse at 7 is like Humans 21 years of age

.     If we could get the Industry not to Race them until 4 years old in 2016, 5 years old in 2017, 6 years in 2018, and 7 years in 2019. Horse Racing in America would set the Standard on the Planet and Racing would become one of the top Sports on the Planet and One we as Americans could be Proud of.

     If Congress makes Horses Indigenous we will have saved an inportant American Asset that will set an example  on the planet also since the Ice is melting on the tundra by putting Horses on the bare land in 45 days their waste material breaks down and becomes plant food which will produce grass and give our childern a feeling of pride that we are giveing back to the planet. also The Horses will run free  which will give them the payday they deserve for helping man kind subdue the planet.  Or  Help us solve the War on Terror because most of the problems come from 3rd World Countries that could use our unwanted Horses for their livelyhood, plowing their land building roads etc, and give them a New Industry which will bring them into the 21st Century like the Horses did for us in America.  This will also allow our service men to make inroads into their social structure and create Goodwill and a trading partner that will help our Country in trade.

     Prisoners in some of our prisons are now training Horses to learn a trade so they could train them to drive, ride and carry loads into places roads are non existence so now they must  travel on foot.  



    The Goverment set the rule of passing laws in the Walking Horse Industry, when it rightfully passed the Law on the Walking Horse Industry was not to allowing them to  burn or spike the legs to make them show more action because of beening to sore to put weight on their legs made the horse to keep their legs in the air longer.  I watched a lot of Walking Horses suffer before these laws were put into place but in Virginia last week, when they heard the inspectors were coming to the Horse Show to inspect the Walking Horse Classes most of the Walking Horses were withdrawn.  How Shameful.  The Horses need a a leg up and your input will make the difference

     My beloved wife Boyce Drew Freeman had a slogan and put it on pencils and passed them out to people at the Horse Shows in 1982 , that said; Horses helped us, now it's our turn don't abuse them so young wait till their 7 like our 21.

    The Wild Horses face the same misery as they are put up for adoption an because of poor supervision they are sent to slaughter by people that want to make a profit on them There are only 28.000 thousand left running free and about the same number in Goverment holding pens, when at one time there were 2 million running free on the Goverment Grass Lands.      

    Horses make more money net each year, for the people that can afford to own them, than any other thing that you can invest in. (see Forbes Magazine) which lists the top Net money makers in America and each year Horses have headed the list for the seventy some years that they have been publisting.

We here at Looked Farms Memorial For Horses have in training a Stallion, Zodaic the Listener,  that can set the worlds record in jumping.  It is now held by a South American Country, @ 8 Feet One and a Quarter inch's. They set it in 1949 with a 16 teen year old Horse named Huaso.  Our Stallion is in his early teens.

  The Tract records that are held in racing are held by young babies but waiting on Horses to mature will shatter the now set records making the Sport of Racing one of the top Sports again and one worth watching.  The Public should be seeing the best a sport has to offer instead of running of babies or Jumping of Babies.

Now that all Three Races of the Tripple Crown have been run isn't it realistic to want a change on how the Racing Industry runs itself?  The Racing Industry is not going to change itself because of the profits made and the fact the Horses can't talk and are considered property, so we as a moral being must take responability for the Horses sake.  Please read the Facts on the Website of    

According to an Associated Press Survey (June13th 2008);

  Throughbred Racetracks in the United States have reported more than 3 Horses deaths a day last year and (5000) Thousand Deaths since 2003 and all the Horses were put down after suffering devastating injuries on the track.   Countless other deaths went unreported because of no Tax Record being kept.

July 7th The Chronicle of the Horse came today! VO LLXXI NO 27     There is a good eye opening Article, the Title was: HAVE WE  DONE THE RIGHT THING!  Written by Brenda Waters. The jist was Horse Slaughter, She had been pro slaughter, I guess because she didn't know any way to handle the the unwanted Horses. We need to take a page out of Wild Horse Annie's Book, "America's Last Wild Horses". by Hope Ryden (Great Name) She got The Childern all over America to write letters to Congress. It wasn't long Congress gave Horses Wild Rescue Land which they have now  taken back.  We need to get all people to write Congress to make Horses INDIGENIOUS. Like they deserve!  How can we as Horse People look Horses in the eye and not at least, each day, say a Prayer or give a thought to there Plight.  In the Old days People would gather around a Sick Person's House and send Good engery to them knowing that collective thoughts bring great results and so will this collective effort.

  There is no way I can run from these problems. Nor in the end can you. Lets get together and rebuild a better future for our Beloved Horses. We (The Horses and I will do our part) Please we beg you to Help anyway you can.)  Send your thoughts to  and your donations to Looked Over Farms Memorial For Horses 130 Hunter Ranch Trails Pilot Mountian North Carolinia 27041


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